About Me

Robertini De’Source is a music producer and entrepreneur with great ambitions ahead. The New Jersey native has been involved with music for over 10 years. Most of his life, Robertini spent playing brass instruments in middle school and high school. AT the age of 15, Robertini began falling in love with composing music. He began toying around with a program called Sibelius and began making small compositions for fun. At the age of 18, Robertini began his college career at Rutgers University where he began to find his true love in the creative process of making music. During the first year, he met a few motivated roommates who were highly involved with building their careers as rappers and comedians. Robertini wanted to join in and eventually found his way to the very familiar music production program called FL Studio. From there he fell in love with music production and has been making beats ever since. Now at the age of 26, Robertini is focused on creating a music production career that will be long lasting and reliable.

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