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Pricing and License Info

  • SilverRecording/Mixtapes/Media

  • $30

  • Tagged Mp3
  • Untagged Wav
  • Trackout/Stems
  • Producer Credits
  • 1
    Music Videos
  • GoldPopular for Serious Inquiries

  • $60

  • Tagged Mp3
  • Untagged Wav
  • Trackout/Stems
  • Producer Credits
  • 2
    Music Videos
  • PlatinumThe Best Option for Serious Inquiries

  • $150

  • Tagged Mp3
  • Untagged Wav
  • Trackout/Stems
  • Producer Credits
  • 5
    Music Videos
  • PremierExclusive Package

  • $300

  • Tagged Mp3
  • Untagged Wav
  • Trackout/Stems
  • Ownership Transfer/Publishing Split
    Producer Credits
  • Unlimited
    Music Videos

By purchasing, you agree and are bound to the terms and conditions of the specific license. All sales are final and no refunds will be given. A purchase serves as a legal agreement

All purchases comes with a pdf contract.

All leasing terms are explicitly expressed in each contract. More details that address streaming, audio, radio play, broadcasting, and for-profit performances  are also included.

Please be sure to read the full leasing term to ensure the best understanding of your lease of choice. 

For questions please use the contact Me page: Here

Mastering and Custom Production

  • MasteringThe Most Affordable Mastering Option Online!

  • $10.99 Master up to 4 mixes!

  • Professional Sound
  • Maximize Loudness/Dynamics
  • Up to 3 Masters per Track
  • 4
    Masters per Tracks
  • 5 or mixes for $25.00!
    For Albums
  • Custom Music ProductionGet Your own Unique Sound

  • $25 Customs starts at $25.00. Pricing May Vary

  • 30 - 60 second snippets
  • Direct Communication
  • Full Length ( 2min or more)
  • videos/mixtapes/jingles
    Custom Styles
  • *negotiable

Mastering will cost $10.99 permanently. Any offer to master 5 tracks or more will cost $25.00

Custom Productions start at $25.00.

Exclsuive beats will start at a negotiating price of $300.

Custom services will be negotiable upon request but will not go lower than $25.00

These purchases are considered customized. Therefore pricing may vary depending on the length and demand of the service.

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