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Custom Production

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Get YOUR custom Production starting at $25.00 (Pricing may vary)

Custom Production includes beats styles for mixtapes, videos, albums, youtube, snippets, jingles, theme songs and more. 

To request a custom beat please submit the form below. You will recieve a response email to start the process.

We communicate with you throughout the entire length of the order to ensure that you get your vision translated to your liking with UNLIMITED REVISIONS.

All custom production requests start at a $25.00 minimum. Pricing is subject to change based on the length of time and demand of the request. However, all pricing is negotiable!

Custom full length beats as Exclusives (where you take full ownership) are automatically $300

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Mastering is an essential when it comes to your music.

Like you, many struggle with looking for the right sources to master their music to their taste.

Mastering can also be very expensive, and time consuming.

With today’s technology, there are many sources that allow you to master your music online for a fair price.

However, many still can’t afford it and don’t know which mastering services to choose from.

In that case, for an amazing price of $10.99, your mixes will be sent out by me personally.

You will be provided with multiple versions of your master to choose which best fits your desired feel.

Each master will have its own level  of EQ, Compression, and loudness.

Best Part: You get to keep all versions!

For additional small fee of $10 I will also include my own Mastering flavor to your track. If you like my Master you can use that one too!

To get started please fill out the form below to submit your request: You will be receiving an email from services@iamdesource.com